Nothing like getting charged at by a drunk to remind me of the neighborhood I live in.

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I don’t feel good.

I don’t feel good.

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Future | Same Damn Time

Give me apartment and some water and I can swim
Got that Gambino jumping out tha gym.
My young nigga serving J’s that’s how I clear ‘em.
Jumping cross me you know your chances slim.
In my aviator Gucci like I’m driving planes.
When I cash that cash money smell like cocaine.
Doing Birdman numbers making flips like Jackie Chan.
Walk inside tha jewler drop bale on tha ring.
Spent so much in Louie gave me free champagne and Baylor Harp shopping and they doing tha same thing.

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worst pain imaginable

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what did I say?

what did I say?

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Lucian STILL has a 100% winrate in these playoffs, even with teams like Coast.

It’s almost like Doublelift was right the 4+ times he posted/said that he’s a brainless powerful ADC.

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